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  • Zero Waste To Landfill - Quality RDF/SDF Fuel For Sale - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Ferrous & Non Ferrous Scrap - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Scrap Cars - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Light Iron & Cast Iron - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Scrap Copper - All Grades/New & Greasy - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Aluminium - Pure/Irony/Litho/Aluminium Wheels - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Mixed Cables - Copper/Leaded/Singles/Household/Armoured - CALL 01709 524115 NOW!
  • Stainless Steel - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Transformers & Motors; Tin & Tin Alloys - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Brass, Nickel, Chrome Alloys, Gun Metal & Bronze - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
  • Old, Broken or Unwanted Gold, Silver & Platinum - CALL 01709 524115 FOR CURRENT PRICES!
We are wholly committed to 100% recycling and lowering our carbon footprint through our zero to landfill policies
For more information see our Environmental Policies or contact us to see how we can help you recycle more efficiently

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals Purchasing

Picture:  Scrap Non-Ferrous Metals

All Grades Of Scrap Metals Bought At Competitive Prices!

Ron Hull Jnr Ltd specialise in scrap metal recovery and recycling - trading in all grades of non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metal.  We are committed to obtaining the very best possible scrap metal price for all our customers and fix our prices daily in line with UK metal prices.

Common "end of life" products for both non-ferrous and ferrous metals include

  • Demolition Scrap - scrap non-ferrous metal recovered as part of building demolition and dismantling projects - eg. stainless steel tanks etc.
  • Factory Clearance Scrap - scrap non-ferrous metal recovered from old and redundant factory and engineering machinery 
  • Rolling Stock - non-ferrous metal found in locomotives, railway wagons/carriages etc. that have come to the end of their useful life
  • End of Life Vehicles - over 75% of a scrapped car is recoverable metal, and  there is a large market of major car dealers willing to buy the metal to produce new car parts 
  • Engineering Scrap – non-ferrous waste metal turnings and offcuts resulting from metal engineering processes
  • Domestic End Of Life Consumer Goods – aluminium and copper/steel recovered from end of life consumer goods, eg. boilers

Ron Hull Jnr Ltd process all non-ferrous metals and transform them into valuable metal recyclates or baled material, ready to sell back into the industry for new product manufacture. See below for our cable granulation recycling process or our Product Sales menu for more information.


Stage 1

Here at Ron Hull Jnr Ltd we have a scrap cable stripping and copper granulation process using the latest cable recycling machinery, which in turn enables you to get the top prices for your unwanted cable.


Cable granulation through Cable Processing involves the fine shredding of all grades of scrapped copper cable into various grades of copper granules, which conform to international specifications, and which are then sold on to UK and International clients

Ron Hull Jnr Ltd buy

  • Scrap Copper:   All grades of scrap copper purchased - Plumbing and Electrical - including Dry Bright Wire; Greasy Bright Wire; Transformer Tape; New Copper Tube; Heavy Copper; No1 / No2 Copper Wire; Braziory Copper; Copper Tanks/Cylinders
  • Scrap Aluminium:   Irony Aluminium; Pure Aluminium; Litho; H9 Clean and Painted; Old Rolled; Loose Baled; Cast Aluminium; Alloy Wheels; Baled Aluminium Quadrant; Aluminium Copper Radiators
  • Scrap Cables:   Scrap Copper and Aluminium and Leaded Cables; Singles/Household; Armoured Cables
  • Scrap Stainless Steel:   304 and 316
  • Scrap Lead
  • Scrapped Transformers and Motors
  • All forms of Scrap Brass
  • Scrapped Nickel Alloys: all grades of Nickel and Nickel/Chrome Alloys
  • Scrap Gun Metal and Bronze
  • Scrap Tin and Tin Alloys
  • Scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum: We pay the best prices for your old, broken or unwanted precious metal items - including scrap Gold, Silver and Platinum

We pay prompt, competitive prices for your non-ferrous scrap metals and gold - contact us now for the latest prices!

Please note:

  • We will require you to declare the origins of your scrap metal and identification will be taken for audit purposes, in order to comply with current legislation.
  • When trading in Gold or Precious Metals, valid photo ID is needed at the counter, and cash is paid immediately.

Please see our Services for Business and Services for Individuals menus for more information


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